Dust Control Mat

Dust Control Matting products are designed to:

  • Remove dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Prevent debris from entering the building
  • Keep entrance ways looking clean and presentable
  • Reduce slips, trips and falls from slip hazards on wet floors
  • Up to 70-80% of interior soil is brought into facilities by foot traffic. The utilization of matting ensures that the majority of dirt will be stopped at the entrance. Entrance matting also extends the life of the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse

Dry shoes to prevent slipping

Wet, slippery floors are dangerous. Entrance matting also reduces the risk of slips and falls.  

The absorbing function of mats dries shoes to prevent slipping.  Entrance matting can absorb up to 3-5 litres of water per square meter to ensure that shoes are dried properly to avoid slips and falls on wet floors.  

Rubber or vinyl backing that is moisture resistant and slip resistant prevents the mat from shifting to prevent sliding, tripping or falls even further

Scrape and trap dirt

Proper use of entrance matting can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the building that would otherwise get trapped in interior carpeting.  Brush matting is made from coarse yarns to scrape shoes in transit to remove up to 40-45% of heavy dirt and debris

Clean shoes to extend carpet life

The main hazard to carpeting is dirt and soils.  Carpet soils have a texture that is similar to a razor, and as carpets are walked on, their fibers can be cut. Within the first 6 feet, 40-45 % of the floor’s finish or carpet nap will be removed after only 600-900 people have entered.  This shortens the overall life span of the carpet.  

Entrance matting absorbs much of the initial abuse to extend the life of the interior flooring or carpeting to protect the investment

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